A new direction for Mediale… — York Mediale

A new direction for Mediale…

A new direction for Mediale…

Up until 2021, York Mediale has primarily been a festival organisation, in which we develop and produce work ready to be exhibited in our biennial festival in York. However, over the last 18 challenging months, despite managing to deliver an exciting 2020 festival we’ve been shifting towards a model we think can thrive and flourish in the long term. This shift was coming, the pandemic just accelerated it.

Moving forward, we will focus on our role as an international media arts agency working year-round to develop, produce, exhibit and tour new commissions from artists working around the blurred edges of digital art. We work long-term with a significant roster of artists (more on these incredible folks soon…) and artworks, delivering careful, ongoing interventions & holistic artist development, whilst producing high profile arts events that stimulate new thinking.

Although this means that we will be taking on more national and international projects, we remain a Yorkshire-based organisation and will always emphasise the work that we do in Yorkshire (including York, as a UNESCO Media Arts City) with regional and northern artists. Mediale remains fundamentally focused artistic work that has an impact and influence regionally, nationally and internationally. We take bold artistic risks; creating, commissioning and programming diverse, powerful and provocative work from our Yorkshire base, and taking it across the globe.

You can keep up-to-date on what these projects are and how they develop through our social media and by signing up for our newsletter. If you’d like to get in touch to talk more about where we’re going, and what we’re up to, please email info@yorkmediale.com.