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Mediale is an international media arts agency. We develop, produce, exhibit and tour work from artists working around the blurred edges of digital art. 

About Mediale

Dynamic and ambitious, Mediale represents a significant roster of artists and artworks.

We work year-round to develop and deliver new commissions, live events and artistic development. We deliver careful, long-term interventions & holistic artist development, whilst producing high profile arts events that stimulate new thinking.
Mediale maintains the highest possible standards of curation, delivery and production; commissioning and producing globally significant work that is accessible to all while championing diverse talent. 
Through incorporating technologies into their works, the artists we work with bridge the gap between the new and the traditional, to challenge and inspire. We work alongside artists, building trust through our actions, not just our words, to create lasting relationships, collaborations and partnerships with those who share and champion our values. 
Mediale is fundamentally focused on national and international impact. We take bold artistic risks, programming diverse, powerful and provocative work from across the globe. 
Mediale is an independent arts charity, originally founded in 2016 to celebrate the designation of York as the UK’s first and only UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts.

Ulungile Magubane performing eMBIZENI, Still We Rise © York Mediale

Who we work with

Since the beginning of 2018, we have worked with over 120 leading artists from as far afield as Japan and Kenya, and from as close by as Acomb and Tang Hall.

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of media arts; searching in unusual places to find diverse talent, and addressing the enormous gender and race inequality in digital and media art is integral to our programming approach.

About — York Mediale

Support Mediale

We’re now looking to build mutually beneficial relationships across the cultural, digital and technology sectors.

Mediale is a charity, and we are reliant on sponsorships and partnerships to continue to bring bold and experimental works to a broad audience. To learn how you can support us, please contact